Office space has become too expensive for most entrepreneurs and small businesses and working out of your home is distracting and impractical. The ability to interact with other like-minded professionals can create incredible collisions of concepts and ideas leading to the next great business concept or the continued success of your business. In Harlem, there is a lack of collaborative, creative work space. That’s why we created The Harlem Collective.  The Harlem Collective is a monthly rental-based, collaborative work environment and business venue.

Our vision is to redefine the concept of ‘office’ not only by making it more inspiring, productive, and socially connected, but also by keeping the pricing low and billing simple.

We do this through great space design, frictionless provision of workspace and services. With nearly seven thousand square feet in Harlem, The Harlem Collective serves a large and diverse segment of NYC’s creative, startup and technology community.


We’ve designed our facility to inspire and empower. You’ll feel it in our:

Lofty 7,000 square-foot interior

Member Living Lounge

Wide-open 4,000 square foot garden

Enterprise-class connectivity

Living room-comfortable furniture


Desks in shared spaces

Private desks in a shared office

Two person private offices 

Artist studios

Three person private offices

Full and half floors for larger teams


Growing a business is hard and expensive and we believe productivity wins.  You need a co-working space purpose-built to unleash hour after hour of kick-ass productivity. That’s why we provide our members with:

Simple price plans

Enterprise-class Wi-Fi network

Keyless entry system and virtual keys for your guests

Lots of ideation surfaces, lots of power outlets

Ample private meeting rooms that can be used at any time

Awesome staff & operating systems to keep stuff humming

Office support - printing and photocopying


Come for the space and the resources. Stay for the creative collisions between members.

You’ll find:

Gender and age diversity atypical of most co-working spaces

Solo freelancers & creative professionals

Early-stage entrepreneurs

Serial entrepreneurs with multiple exits

VC-funded startup teams