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 Creative Assets

Partnering with The Harlem Collective? Find our logos and other creative assets here, for use in promoting our partnership. Please approve all uses of our logo or assets with us in advance by emailing them to


Download logos by clicking a logo below, then right clicking on the large logo image and clicking “Save as….” to save to your local computer. Note some logos below are black text (for light backgrounds), and hence difficult to see in the carousel.


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Partner Intro Script

If you partner with The Harlem Collective on a community event, we ask that you make this short announcement either at the start of the event or at a natural break point, such as  when returning from intermission:

Now just a quick promo for our partners who donated space for today’s event: We’re here at The Harlem Collective, which is a community co-working space. In addition to supporting great events like ours, they rent desks and offices to freelancers, small businesses and non-profits for a day, a week, a month or more. You can find out more by grabbing a brochure near the door.
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