Rent A Desk

Desks in our open plan seating areas offer members our most affordable co-working options.


You get a work surface, desk, access to all our community resources — along with great work neighbors. Our open plan work areas are generally quiet work areas, but members are welcome to take extended calls in our member lounge or garden.

How To Claim a Desk

  • Rent a Dedicated Desk (monthly membership fee: $325), which entitles you to choose any available desk and claim that space for the duration of your membership. You get a work surface, office chair and under-desk file cabinet so you don’t have to lug your work materials home each night

  • Rent a Hot Desk (monthly membership fee: $275), which entitles you to use any available desk for the day. Your work location may change from day-to-day, since spaces are claimed on a first-come, first-served basis, and overnight storage of your belongings is not available

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