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The Harlem Collective

Affordable Co-working Space


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The Most Affordable Office Space Uptown

Rent a desk, office or studio and enjoy our collaborative's support and resources with no long-term commitment and no fuss.
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& Perks

Networking Events

Partnerships emerge when creative ideas collide. All members enjoy access to:

The Members Lounge for taking a meeting, catching up on some reading or caffeinating after lunch

Our Community Garden (with wifi!), where you’ll find lounge furniture, picnic tables, umbrellas and even a hammock for a critical power nap

<—Quarterly Networking Events for meeting other members or introducing your business partner to your apartment partner

Wfi and all utilities included in your monthly membership; no hidden fees

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How We’re





We’re proud of our diverse membership, representing an array of industries and personal backgrounds, ethnicities and viewpoints. The best businesses rely on multiple perspectives, so we embrace inclusive policies and practices that will foster that diversity— from how we market the Collective to the community events we host. And we’re extra proud to be a contributing member of the Harlem community where we’re located. You’ll find community board members in our ranks, as well as local non-profits and social good entrepreneurs. That’s why we also partner with community groups to offer free meeting space to organizations that add to the neighborhood.

Why Choose The Harlem Collective vs. WeWork Harlem or Others?

The Harlem Collective focuses on offering affordable co-working space above all else. Building a business is expensive enough without an obnoxious rent burden. Our memberships cost a fraction of our competitors', and we offer double the love (and just as much free coffee).

You’ll also benefit from our uniquely diverse member group. You’ll enjoy the company of artists and non-profits and coders and finance pros from a variety of backgrounds and experiences, not just a bunch of Silicon Valley wannabes and knock-off pharma-bros.